Two Trains

It’s been years since I’ve ridden other than a commuter train and I’d never ridden trains in Europe before, so the high-speed Thalys train between Amsterdam and Paris, and the Eurostar Chunnel to London were new experiences. The train stations are like airport terminals, full of anything one could want or need for food or entertainment, and the trains themselves are very cool. We had first class tickets, very comfortable large reserved seats, and the cars had plenty of storage area for luggage so we weren’t straddling bags beneath our feet. A car attendant [don’t really know what they are called on the train] brought a snack of ham and cheese shortly after we departed [on time, of course], and we happily settled in to watch the landscape whiz by: one more windmill, field after field of brilliant yellow rapeseed, and all the villages we would never see. And THEN they brought lunch.  Who knew?  Yes, you are actually seeing asparagus, artichokes, roasted peppers, marinated carrots, olives, shaved parm, fresh fruit and wine on that tray, accompanied by freshly baked bread.  We were in heaven.

In every town, through every station, we saw graffiti.  You may wince, but I liked it.  It was colorful and eye-catching even through rain spattered windows, as were the other trains that zoomed past.

And just in case you think the Thalys train to Paris was the optimal food experience, I’m including the menu from lunch on board the Eurostar bound for London:  Piperade: Provence vegetable & scrambled egg salad, carrot & cumin hummus with chicken & mushroom terrine, apple tart, freshly baked bread, and wine. Just like airline food, yes?

You ask if I would ride the trains again?  How long do I have to wait?

One thought on “Two Trains

  1. Nice! I did the eurail pass in western europe not too long ago. Trains really are the best way to travel. Being from the states, I was impressed by how little sprawl there was around european cities.

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